Eastern Guruma NT

Eastern Guruma has recently extended its operations into the Northern Territory trading as Eastern Guruma NT (EGNT). The business is currently operating from an office in the Paspalis Centrepoint Building in Darwin pursing remote civil and building opportunities in the Northern Territory, with a focus on remote community housing and roadworks opportunities. EGNT plan to use existing Eastern Guruma project expertise and business systems whilst providing genuine opportunities for local community employees to become involved in an Aboriginal owned company.

EGNT was born out of the desire to support remote communities in being the true voice behind their own civil and building developments. EGNT brings a core focus on community growth and empowerment, and is determined to leave a long-lasting positive impact on both the economy and community through local training, health, legacy, and the longevity of service.

Eastern Guruma NT aims to;

  • Yield greater job opportunities for Aboriginal people in communities
  • Improve cost, resources and time efficiency by consulting with communities at initial stages of project development
  • Ensure the needs of the community are met and integrated in the construction process from the onset
  • Boost the NT economy by using local NT resources and ensuring a policy of employing locals
  • Connect small businesses with mentors, networks and new opportunities
  • Have a long-lasting, positive effect on community engagement

Heading up the Operational and Business Development team of EGNT are Pat Kearney and Russell Jeffery. Pat shares “The heart of who we are and what we do at EGNT lies within the NT community. We would like you to think of our company as a wagon wheel, in which every spoke is integral to the operations and success of the project at hand. Each spoke, or core value of EGNT, is intrinsically connected to another. In this respect we place high importance on education, training, legacy, health and safety, and are committed to developing these core values within our work in the North Territory, enabling these communities to thrive.” Pat brings years of diverse operational experience and expertise to EGNT and is passionate about the value adding proposition of the company.

Russell is a prominent NT society member and values community engagement at the forefront. Russell loves building relationships and seeking out collaborative business opportunities.

Day to day, EGNT provide a large range of civil and building construction works for remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. Via their CAL civil and building accreditation, EGNT price NT Government works and have been fortunate in receiving government support due to their persistence on strong consultation with pertinent local communities.


Although a new company, EGNT aren’t wasting anytime. At present they are conducting a geotechnical investigation into the development of a hard rock quarry, with the intention to invest in the production of conforming quarry materials for road works.

More than just a workplace, EGNT is dedicated to providing outstanding employment and training opportunities not only for locals but also for small businesses within the respective communities. By aiming to empower local resource growth, community health enhancements and various development opportunities for both businesses and individuals, EGNT’s model is to have a long-term positive impact on every remote NT community it touches.

EGNT’s business and community model cannot move forward without the support of other NT businesses and individuals, and as such they have forged teaming relationships with Peter and Luke Barclay from Barclay Builders, Adrian White from BG Engineering, Troy Bond from Troy Bond Constructions and Michael Jack and Ryan Wojtowicz from Mining Civil Resource Group.

If you’re just as excited as we are about EGNT and want to learn more about how you can be involved, here’s a tip for young punters. Pat and Russell have an informal coffee break every morning at 8.00am when they head downstairs from their office in the Paspalis Centrepoint Building to their local café on the ground floor to plan their day and to catch-up with other local Territorians both in business and/or government.

Please feel free to come by and have a chat to them about the exciting new development of EGNT, proudly territory based and operated. In the meantime, stay tuned for more project updates.