Who Are We?

Eastern Guruma Northern Territory (EGNT) are a local Aboriginal company, providing civil works and rural housing construction for communities throughout the Northern Territory. EGNT was born out of the desire to ensure our communities are the true voice behind housing developments. We bring a core focus on community growth and empowerment, and are determined to leave a long-lasting positive impact through local training, health, legacy and the longevity of progress.

Our aims are to:

  • Yield greater job opportunities for Aboriginal people and NT locals
  • Improve cost, resource and time efficiency by consulting with the community at initial stages of project development
  • Ensure the needs of the community are met and integrated in the construction process from the onset
  • Boost the NT economy and use local NT resources
  • Connect small businesses with mentors, networks and new opportunities
  • Leave a long-lasting, positive effect on community engagement

The heart of who we are and what we do at EGNT lies within the NT community. We would like you to think of our company as a wagon wheel, in which every spoke is integral to the operations and success of the project at hand. Each spoke, or core value of EGNT, is inherently connected to another. In this respect we place high importance on education, training, legacy, health and safety, and are committed to developing these core values within our work in the North Territory, enabling these communities to thrive.