Eastern Guruma Pastoral Company

Pippingarra Pastoral Company

The traditional owner groups, the Ngarla, Njamal and Karriyarra groups who represent the Pippingarra area have formed a company 46 Pindan Pty Ltd. With the support of their Joint Venture partner Eastern Guruma Pty Ltd, 46 Pindan has obtained the sublease to Pippingarra Station from the Aboriginal Lands Trust.

Eastern Guruma and 46 Pindan have an agreement to develop and manage Pippingarra Station under a new company, Pippingarra Pastoral Company. This Joint Venture has eventuated from a shared vision of harnessing the assets of Aboriginal people to return dividends to traditional owners and provide opportunities for employment and career development.

Development Plan

Pippingarra Station is ideally located in close proximity to Port Headland to provide holding facilities for cattle from other properties awaiting the live export market or as a feed lot to increase market value of cattle during drought years. As part of the Eastern Guruma Pastoral Strategy, Pippingarra will require development to establish holding yards for agistment of cattle from other properties within the Eastern Guruma supply chain.

The initial development plan for Pippingarra station will involve repair of current infrastructure including fences and water points, muster of the property and processing of any cattle.