Nameless Festivities

The Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival is the biggest event in Tom Price and the most anticipated on the calendar. The festival takes its name from Mount Nameless / Jarndunmunha meaning ‘place of rock wallabies’ known by the Eastern Guruma people, traditional land owners of the area surrounding Tom Price.

The festival has now been running for 45 years and continues to attract thousands of locals and visitors each year. From its humble beginnings in the early 1970’s, The Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival has grown to be a true showcase of the Pilbara community; local crafts and artworks on the village green, the much-loved and unique street parade, historic Nameless Ball, King of the Mountain fun run, novelty events and live entertainment, captivating locals and visitors alike.

This year, there were a few new additions to the festival this being the Grease, Gears and Grills motoring show and the Home Industry competition and exhibition. The introduction these shows attracts new visitors and the continuation of the traditional activities keeps the annual festival goers coming back.

PAI were lucky enough to be involved with this year’s festival, showcasing the business in their own stall. Attending the festival was a great opportunity, allowing them to engage with the local community and display their support to the event itself. Having such a positive experience, PAI plan to return to the festival next year. 


Visit our PAI Store

PAI own and operate the Hardware and Gardening supplies store in Paraburdoo. The store stocks various equipment and tools, such as:

  • Plants
  • Seeds
  • Garden supplies
  • Heavy duty and custom cleaning supplies
  • Pool cleaning supplies
  • Pool maintenance supplies
  • Pool equipment
  • Garden equipment
  • Calcium management chemicals for treatment

The PAI Hardware and Gardening shop will be selling fresh fruit and vegetables in the coming months. As this shop front grows, PAI are relying on input from their local community specifically in product recommendations, to ensure the needs of the community are met tenfold.