Aboriginal Engagement

Eastern Guruma is Aboriginal owned and operated, with the core values of the business ensuring it provides employment, career and business opportunities for Aboriginal people. Since its establishment in 2004, Eastern Guruma has employed many Aboriginal people in a range of different roles within the business. These roles have included entry level positions and traineeships, experienced operator, supervisor and manager roles, as well as trades and other service positions.

Our Aboriginal Employment and Training Policy states our commitment to providing employment, training and skills improvement to Eastern Guruma and other Aboriginal people. Our success in partnering with other businesses to provide traineeships have led to long term careers for Aboriginal people within the civil and mining, landscaping, facilities management, drilling, telecommunications and pastoral industries. Traineeships have been undertaken with a combination of theory-based learning through accredited providers combined with on-the-job learning. Successful candidates have been offered ongoing employment and have taken on a career path leading to promotion and further growth within the business.

Our partnerships with Aboriginal businesses have seen the growth of new business opportunities and further employment and training for Aboriginal people. Our joint venture with Wirlu-Murra Enterprises has led to a successful project at Solomon Mine, which has been ongoing since 2013. The Road Maintenance contract has a growing number of Aboriginal employees, currently over 50%, and has led to further business for both Eastern Guruma and Wirlu-Murra at Solomon Mine, as joint venture partners and individual businesses. This partnership has seen Eastern Guruma become the major partner mentor, helping Wirlu-Murra to build their capability and operations and take on 50% of the Road Maintenance contract as well as grow their business to further undertake new contracts independently.

Eastern Guruma endeavours to continuously grow the number of Aboriginal people within its company through direct employment and subcontracting arrangements. Our vision is to create pathways to empowerment for Aboriginal people to participate in the Australian economy.