As an Indigenous organisation, Eastern Guruma is dedicated to providing employment, training and skills improvement to Indigenous people. Our Indigenous Training and Employment Policy outlines our commitment to Indigenous development within our business. Our success in partnering with other businesses to provide traineeships have led to long term careers for Aboriginal people within the civil and mining, landscaping, facilities management, drilling, telecommunications and pastoral industries.

Drilling Traineeship

In a partnership with JSW, Eastern Guruma employees have been undergoing a traineeship in Drilling Operations. This traineeship is open to Indigenous candidates who are provided with on the job training as a Driller’s Offsider whilst undergoing theory-based learning to complete their Certificate II and III in Drilling Operations. This traineeship has been in operation since 2013, with many Indigenous trainees now progressing to further roles within the Joint Venture’s drilling contracts.

Operator Training

Eastern Guruma operators have undergone training to improve their qualifications as Heavy Vehicle Operators. Operators at the Solomon Road Maintenance and Resource Development Earthworks contract completed theory-based training to give them a Certificate II and III in Surface Extraction Operations.

Leadership Training

Training has been undertaken by supervisors to improve their management skills by completing a certificate IV in Frontline Management. Topics covered in this training include communication with team members and management, being a role model for teams, developing techniques for problem solving, identifying opportunities for improved work practices, preparing work plans and budgets, and mentoring and coaching team members.

Marangka Training Program 2024

The Marangka Operator training program is a new incentive by Eastern Guruma aimed at providing an entry level opportunity to 13 selected Indigenous candidates into the mining industry.

The trainees will be starting their journey with EG in the head office for the first eight (8) weeks of the programme. This part of the program is aimed at introducing the trainees to the industry and be made familiar with industry standards for:

  • understanding EG policies;
  • overview of the mining and civil Industries;
  • indigenous mining and trade network;
  • occupational, work health & safety including hand safety;
  • environmental best practices;
  • introduction to mobile plant;
  • 3 x nationally accredited operator tickets (Articulated Haul truck, Front End Loader, IT Loader). Capped at 10 candidates in total, 3 remaining trainees will receive tickets of YTBD machines;
  • pre-start inspections;
  • introduction to hydraulics;
  • tyre management;
  • support plant operations; and
  • much more.

Upon completion of the eight (8) week office programme, the candidates will be placed into a three (3) months work placement in either:

  • Resource Development (RDE);
  • Road Maintenance (RDM);
  • Rehab; or
  • Labouring.

The aim of completing the program is to:

  • broaden the candidates experiences and exposure to the industry; and
  • the possibility of securing long term employment opportunities.

The program will be built around a similar fashion the Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations and while our program is not nationally accredited, we aim to deliver a program that will educate the trainees and provide a better opportunity to enter the industry.