Support and Resource Staff


Sharyn Hine


Sharyn has been working with EG since 2010 over many of the Civil & Mining, Facility Services and Gardening & landscaping projects in varied roles, HSEQ, Supervisory roles and as Eastern Guruma Indigenous Mentor, Sharyn has diplomas in Environmental, OHS, TAE & Horticulture, Sharyn is a proud aboriginal woman that has a passion to help and upskill fellow employees.

Natasha Coombs : Accounts Officer

Natasha Coombs

Accounts Officer

Focusing on Payroll, with over 20 years’ experience in varying financial departments covering all aspects as an Accountant, Assistant Accountant, Group Accounts officer and Accounts Coordinator. Tash has been personally responsible for the weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll of over 500 employees including EBA Blue collar and White Collar workers. Tash has worked with multitude of areas including Tax Professionals, Retail building industries, Superannuation Funds, Disability support organisations & wholesale import/export agriculture.

Sharon Foster : Business Services Officer

Sharon Foster

Business Services Officer

Having re-joined Eastern Guruma in 2018, Sharon brings 25 plus years of senior administrative experience including Human Resources, Payroll, Retail and Training in varying industries including Mining, Construction and Automotive.