Support and Resource Staff

Sharyn Hine : Cultural Mentor

Sharyn Hine

Cultural Mentor

Sharyn has been working with EG since 2010 over many of the Civil & Mining, Facility Services and Gardening & landscaping projects in varied roles, HSEQ, Supervisory roles and as Eastern Guruma Indigenous Mentor, Sharyn has diplomas in Environmental, OHS, TAE & Horticulture, Sharyn is a proud aboriginal woman that has a passion to help and upskill fellow employees.

Sharon Foster : Business Services Officer

Sharon Foster

Business Services Officer

Having re-joined Eastern Guruma in 2018, Sharon brings 25 plus years of senior administrative experience including Human Resources, Payroll, Retail and Training in varying industries including Mining, Construction and Automotive.

Natasha Coombs : Accounts Officer

Natasha Coombs

Accounts Officer

Focusing on Payroll, with over 20 years’ experience in varying financial departments covering all aspects as an Accountant, Assistant Accountant, Group Accounts officer and Accounts Coordinator. Tash has been personally responsible for the weekly, fortnightly and monthly payroll of over 500 employees including EBA Blue collar and White Collar workers. Tash has worked with multitude of areas including Tax Professionals, Retail building industries, Superannuation Funds, Disability support organisations & wholesale import/export agriculture.

Cassie Holt : Talent Acquisition Specialist and HR Officer

Cassie Holt

Talent Acquisition Specialist and HR Officer

A highly motivated, organised and accomplished leader, with a passion for team development and recruitment. Cassie brings an MBA and years of success in leadership, HR & recruitment roles across a range of industries, including manufacturing, civil construction and mining. Joining Eastern Guruma in 2021, her breadth of knowledge allows her to support the team across their varied scopes of work.

Susana Pimenta : Talent Acquisition Specialist and HR Officer

Susana Pimenta

Talent Acquisition Specialist and HR Officer

Susana began her career in the Recruitment industry in 2014 as a Mobilisation Coordinator. The fast passed environment and passion of assisting candidates in seeking employment lead to a role change as a Talent Acquisition Specialist in March 2021. Prior to that position Susana was in the Travel Industry as a Travel Consultant from 2007 to 2014.

Lydia Atmadji : Management Accounts Officer

Lydia Atmadji

Management Accounts Officer

Lydia Atmadji
M.Acct, B.Com

Lydia has a Master of Accounting and Bachelor of Commerce degree in the area of Marketing and Advertising, from Curtin University.
She also has a Diploma of Commerce (with high distinctions) and Certificate IV of Commerce, focusing on Business.
Lydia has worked for the Government, Universities, Large companies such as Telstra, HBF in total of 16 years’ experience working in the Accounts and Administration area.
Lydia was awarded with a Certificate of Advancement in Marketing Communications from Curtin University during her Bachelor study in 2007.
Lydia’s professional strengths include an extensive knowledge of Government and University processes, personalities and political issues, high-level of verbal and communication skills, working directly with Departmental Managers, Head of Schools, Directors, Deputy Directors and Executives in both the public and private sector. Lydia has a strong Administration and Finance management background supported experience in Accounting .


Julie Phan


“Joining Eastern Guruma in 2021, Julie is an organised and attentive individual with over eight years’ experience as a receptionist in the finance and sales industries. Julie hosts a range of advanced administrative skills with a workplace attitude built around organisation, time management and an ability to self-manage.

Julie’s extensive background allows her to support the team ensuring requirements are met effectively, efficiently and sustainably, including bookings, personnel (employee and subcontractor) and general logistics are expedient, travel and subsistence are adequately administered, rostering interfaces are maintained consistent with the site and head office interfaces. Project reporting and data entry (financial, personnel and payroll) are accurately completed.

Julie delivers onsite administrative leadership for all Eastern Guruma activities across the diverse range of core, supplementary and ancillary services consistent with the company and industry policy standards. Julie assists with the facilitation of eastern Guruma’s Quality Management System and Client Quality Management requirements in concert with the EG Quality Service Manager and the EG (site) Assurance Co-ordinators.