FIVE YEAR EPOCH 2021/22 ~ 2025/26

Eastern Guruma’s Vision:

“To be the preferred Australian independent indigenous enterprise”

Eastern Guruma’s tag-line:

“engaging ethnicity, delivering diversity”

Eastern Guruma’s Mission:

Mission One – Growth:
Deliver growth and value by operating the business without reliance on organic growth alone by;

a. Maintain market presence and penetration with a clearly defined strategic intent and operationalizing the structured Marketing and Sales Plans during SDPY1. Focus on Tier One and Two contracting entities.

b. Leveraging relationships that deliver Eastern Guruma’s strategic objectives through ‘top-down’ Customer Resource Management processes that leverage opportunities through marketing.

c. By networking and expanding relationships, through Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Panels, Major Client engagements, Language Groups and Supply Nation; across all lines-of-business.

Mission Two – Profitability:

a. Profitability – Improving profitability and returns on investment by

b. Optimizing capacity utilization

Mission Three – Ethnicity:

1 . Focusing the principles of ethnicity – aligning and engendering Eastern Guruma values – through indigenous cultural alignment by:

a. Eastern Guruma themed servicescape presence

b. Reference to Traditional Owners

c. Tangible references to indigenous culture

Mission FourSustainability:

1 . Improving sustainability – based on realizable triple bottom line deliverables by

a. Economic improvement

b. Social improvement

c. Environmental improvement

Eastern Guruma Values:

Serving mining, government, civil construction and facility managers with earthmoving and construction, plant, equipment, labor and services in the infrastructure construction and non-process infrastructure market.

Using state-of-the-art technology survey, audit, measurement and compliance processes to grow sustainably and profitably, by improving and exceeding client expectations and delivering mutually beneficial stakeholder outcomes.

Gaining sustainable engagement opportunities whilst being highly regarded as most competent, professional, experienced ethnic- oriented professionals who uphold a satisfying, safe culture with fair-minded employment ethics.