Eastern Guruma Wins $22M West Angles Rehabilitation Project at Rio Tinto

In December 2023, Eastern Guruma was awarded one (1) rehabilitation Project, located at the RTIO West Angelas Mine Site called: ‘Rehabilitation of Deposit B East Waste Dump’ comprising 2 stages. The total hectares to be rehabilitated is 136.35ha (Stage 1 is 45.8ha + Stage 2 is 90.55ha) which requires earth works to reshape and contour the landforms. The rehabilitated landforms will be constructed to manage water resulting from seasonal rainfalls. The associated earthworks are designed to contain surface water run-off and reduce the risk of surface water flows continuing down proceeding slopes. This rehabilitation allows for the application of 200 mm of topsoil to be spread evenly over areas prior to ripping and seeding. Earthworks will be predominantly completed with dozers and moxy haul trucks and will provide employment for over 25 employees or subcontractors.